THRIVE supports women to launch STEM careers and businesses

We help by developing your capability, your connections and building your confidence.


Thrive supports professional women to pivot into STEM careers and launch businesses by developing capability, building confidence and paving access to industry connections. THRIVE is a new programme to introduce women to new product/service development (NPD) from idea to execution. We want to equip women with the necessary skills and confidence to develop a business or embark on a new career.

We are currently accepting applications from businesses and women in Louth, Cavan and Monaghan.

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Support professional women to THRIVE in STEM with a network that provides an opportunity for members to learn from each other and and build a strong female STEM community.


The THRIVE networks objective is to introduce professionals to STEM through New Product Development from ideation through manufacturing process to completion.

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Most frequent questions and answers
  • A woman who has an idea to create a product or service in the STEM sector (Science, Technology, Engineering or Maths)?  
  • An experienced professional woman in any field and who would like to explore a wider career opportunity in pharma, tech, medtech, mechanical, electronic or food? 
  • Are you a female work returner looking to get into the STEM sector?  
  • The programme will run for one half day each week (with some lunchtime/evening talks) for 20 weeks. The first session will run for 8 weeks, followed by a short break, the second session will run for 12 weeks.
  • Validation and articulation of your product/service (we can provide a product/service project for the programme)
  • Preparation to Lead and Manage a STEM field product or service
  • Overview of STEM New product/service delivery
  • Pitching and Presentation skills
  • Personal development 
  • Complimentary access to THRIVE female STEM network
  • Please see our THRIVE Programme page for more details

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